The term mis-selling refers to a specific action; when you as a consumer have been intentionally been given false or otherwise incorrect information, with the intent of pushing a sale.

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It can come in many forms, including:

  • Intentional omission of information
  • Overemphasising or outright lying about the benefits of a product
  • Adding pressure through time constraints or to force a quick sale
  • Additional fees and costs that you were never made aware of being added to the contract
  • Intentionally leaving sections of the contract blank so it can be completed without your knowledge
  • Amending or otherwise changing contract details, which can be as simple as moving you from one tariff to a second one
  • Not making you aware that you were entering into a credit agreement

If the salespeople from your solar company did anything on this list during the selling process, you may be able to make a claim against the company who sold you your solar PV products, or their financial backers.

On top of this, if your solar panelling has not performed at the level to which you were promised before purchase, you might also have the right for a claim to a refund or a write down on any financial agreement.

During any solar panel selling process, all information provided to you should be entirely true and accurate, including details on any costs, fixed or variable, any savings and offers, and importantly, any tariffs and earnings related to your solar panels.

Lastly, a salesperson cannot excessively push for the sale. Aggressive sales techniques, pestering or otherwise trying to force a sale can be grounds for a claim, as can specifically targeting anyone who might be considered vulnerable.

If you were told that you were being given “free panels” and were not made aware you were entering into a loan agreement then this is particularly serious as you should have been given specific warnings about the loan agreement, its charges and the risks.

Finance companies have already set aside millions of pounds for victims of solar panel mis-selling

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